diaperskateboard asks: any plans for a vinyl release?

nah absolutely none it would b a horrible investment, we still got tapes tho that we r selling at shows

slowcarnival asks: also coincidentally im in BC right now headed to vanc. island from the city and met up with sam and ollie for a bit haha

i heard word that is sweet

boyish1994 asks: why did the recording process for 1000 years in a dreamscape ruin everything you enjoyed about music for awhile?

Mostly because other than a few drum/cello parts played by Oliver H from acab rocky I recorded mixed/mastered/played every instrument on the album myself. This includes a lot of drums which I am horrible at recording/horrible at playing/don’t enjoy playing (the end of blanket fort was hell to record). The whole album was only recorded with sm57 and pretty minimal gear and not a lot of space to work so in short the whole album was incredibly frustrating to mix/master/record to achieve the sound i wanted at times. It was a really exhausting process to achieve the sound i wanted and when i listen to the album today there’s very little i’d change in the way of production. I’m especially proud of the mixing on tracks like “black bile” and “blanket fort” and i really am glad i decided to say fuck it and include the ambient tracks on the album because i think they gave the album and balance and cohesiveness. Overall from recording the album it’s really really horrible to have incredibly high expectations for yourself (knowing full well it’s highly unlikely you’ll meet them) while also worrying about extensive scrutiny/comparisons/including personal experiences in the album that i was uncomfortable even talking about with people i am close with let alone releasing them into the world for strangers to hear. The latter in particular is probably the reason i was so uncomfortable listening to that record/or sharing it but at the end of the day it is what it is and i’m glad the few people that heard hated it/decided to experiment with sound more/appreciated it. Anyway I hope this shed some light on why i stopped posting my music frequently/didn’t really promote the record/stopped recording music until ‘huffers only’ (campbell river minor softball was all old tracks i compiled)

at the end of the day i make music to have fun and feel joy and it took a long time to be able to do that again

kneedlez asks: kiss neck and pretty boy would be so cool to see on video. all of your albums are gold, one thousand years in a dreamscape should be fucking huge <3 much love homie

thank u kiss neck is very do able i very much appreciate this message  duder <3 


yo I can’t really sleep and recently re-listened to 1000 years in a dreamscape and liked it again despite being disappointed with it initially because i thought it was a flop/the recording process ruined everything i enjoyed about music for awhile but if you have any questions about songs, or songs you’d like to see live/record and play on video u may let me know-linus

Anonymous asks: what do you think is your saddest song? Saddest lyric?


don’t have one

i think it’s dumb to fetishize sadness, that’s not what i’m about 

mermaidteenager asks: Ur so cute and ur music is so good let's date


when fans get thirsty just meme on em

holy shit we are playing rifflandia in like a month as our first show i’m hyped lol


holy shit hahahahahahahaha


holy shit hahahahahahahaha

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Denzel Curry - Threatz (feat. Yung Simmie & Robb Bank$)

This some make me feel like nobody should fuck with me.

I fuck with this song so much 

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